And the Award of 2019’s Best Airline of the World Goes Tooo….

Best Airline of the World

And the Award of 2019’s Best Airline of the World Goes Tooo….

Posted By: Admin 8 Jan, 2019


According to the top-rated airline companies and Forbes, The excellence award of 2019 best airline goes to…….. the great – Singapore Airlines! No wonder, that Airline has scooped the top spot in the rankings of the 2019’s airline awards from airlineratings.com. In addition to garnering the overall top honors, Singapore has returned to its best with new innovative flights, new aircraft, and new products. In a few words, there is no doubt that the airline has gold standards.


Well, the other follow-ups of the top 10 airlines in the world for 2019 are:


  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air New Zealand
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Virgin Australia
  • Emirates
  • All Nippon Airways
  • EVA Air
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Japan Airlines


The new entries on this year’s list are Emirates and EVA Air from Taiwan whereas Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, and Etihad were unlucky to lose their places appeared on last year’s list. After attaching new business class last year though Delta Airlines, It was quite shocking that like last year, not even a single European and American airline reaches the top 10 list.

On the other hand, What airlines did best in different categories? Which airlines meet the highest standards in security, traveler satisfaction, and most important is customer support? Let’s find all other awards through these different awarded categories enlisted below.


Best First Class: Thanks to new added first-class suites last year, Singapore Airlines have gained the great benefit of this addition.


Best Premium Economy: As like previous years, Air New Zealand is still amongst the winners by picking up the Best Airline Pacific and Premium Economy awards. The airline’s spacious seats, premium touches have great hands below this award.


Best Business Class: The World Airline awards announced Qatar Airways as the World’s Best Business Class for the year 2019. The airline’s QSuite grabbed the award with the standard of uniqueness.


Best Economy: The extreme spacious cabin sets it apart from almost all airlines and this was the major reason that Korean Airline grabbed the award for Best Economy Flights.


Best Cabin Crew: Virgin Australia beat out Singapore Airline with an excellent cabin crew and high in-flight service standards.


Best Catering: Qatar Airways beat out Qantas in the year 2019.


Best Lounges: As in previous years, the lounges of Qatar Airways remain champion in this category.


Best In-Flight Entertainment: Emirates scores very well on providing good entertainment to its valued customers.


Best Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier: After long time research, fast-growing VietJet out of Vietnam left the judges shocked.


Most Improved Airline: With fuel-efficient aircraft equipped with the latest cabins, Philippine Airlines won this award with gratitude.


Regional Airline of the Year: With remote and challenging operating environments, QantasLink picked up the award for Regional Airline of the Year 2019.


Best Long-Haul Airline: The world airlines leader AirlineRatings.com breaks the category with regions as like EVA Air (Asia-Pacific), Emirates (Middle East), and Delta (from America).


Best Low-cost Airline: The winners of this category are based on region: AirAsia/AirAsia X (Asia-Pacific), WestJet (Americas) and Wizz (Europe).


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