5 Best Cheap Travel Destinations in Budget for US

5 Best Cheap Travel Destinations in Budget for US

Posted By: Admin 20 Sep, 2019

Do you wish to take a vacation but hesitate because of insufficient funds? Do not get bothered as there are plenty of options that can you an avail to fulfill your dream of roaming around the cities of U.S that too on your budget.

You can find multiple ways to save money for your dream vacation. If you plan your vacation with your friends or family members, the average cost will automatically get reduced. Moreover, finding an affordable accommodation such as a hostel or Airbnb, can save you hundreds.

You can also choose to visit cheap travel destinations that are a quite off-the-beat. These destinations doesn’t necessarily have to be cheap but should also not break your bank. It could be a country where Americans have strong purchasing power or a place that is far-fetched from the touristy hotspots but offers a good value in terms of experience.

So, here is the official list of the best budget cheap travel destinations that you can plan to visit in your next vacation.

1. San Antonio, Texas, the United States of America

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the perfect place for budget travelers. If you are unable to afford international cheap travel destinations, you can take a road trip from Houston to San Antonio in any weekend. San Antonio has everything to please you, starting from Tex-Mex to pure Mexican food. From taking a walk across the riverside of San Antonio to having fun at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, there is plenty of things you can do.

2. San Diego, CA

San Diego CA

Another city that you can visit on a shoestring budget is San Diego. In this city, you have plenty of scope to make bargains unlike its neighbors in the northern side like San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can find a pleasant weather all the year round and it is because of the low precipitation average of 10 inches a year. However, the time span from April to October is the most suitable time for the beach .The city is considered as one of 10 traveled cities in the U.S.There are various points of attractions in San Diego .Some of them are suitable for kids while others are ideal for visitors having low budget for hotels and car rentals.

3. Kansas City, MO

Kansas City MO

Kansas City is voted as the most affordable and one of best cheap travel destinations, according to the annual survey of a popular travel and leisure magazine. The city is known for its high culture and barbeque. It sits in the middle of the Midwest city and is amazingly diverse in its culture, art and cuisine. That what makes Kansas City an ideal travel destinations are the ample number of free attractions. You just need to keep in mind that you do not make your travel plans in the mid-summer when this city is burning in heat and remains most crowded.

4. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

Another cheap travel destinations that you can visit in U.S is Oklahoma City, nicknamed as “The Big Friendly ”.You can take route 66 to roam across the city and visit heritage sites , popular landmarks and museums.Among museums, you can go for National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and the American Banjo Museum.These attractions in the city will not cost much of your money.

5. Hawaii


You can also consider to visit this beautiful island of Hawaii, if you are low on the pocket. This is considered as a budget friendly destination as the flights to this place from the mainland are quite cheap, mainly in the past few years. Although Hawaii won’t cost you much when you arrive on this island but it will surely give you the feel of South Pacific along with the comforts of America.

So, if you are planning to visit U.S on a low budget, do consider these places as it will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can travel to these places with JetBlue and Air Canada at an affordable price. For booking your flights, you can contact JetBlue Reservations and Air Canada Reservations.

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