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British Airways is the largest airline and flag carrier in the United Kingdom. British Airways was established in the year 1974 and they are offering flight services for more than 183 domestic and international destinations around the world. They are known to provide luxurious and most comfortable travel experience to the passengers in the luxury flights. You can get the flights status and information through British Airways reservations helpdesk.

They are also offering excellent customer support services and British Airways booking number for every passenger to make the trip more stress-free. You can use the online services to purchase the British Airways tickets for the flight tickets and can get the discount offers by visiting the official website.

British Airways Reservations

British Airways Contact Number Details

British Airways Reservations Number1-888-539-6764
British Airways Booking Phone Number1-888-539-6764
British Airways Reservations Number 1-888-539-6764
British Airways Contact Number1 (800) 247-9297
British Airways Group Booking Phone Number0344 493 0765
British Airways Baggage Phone Number1 (800) 828-8144
British Airways Disability Assistance Number0344 493 0787
HubsHeathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport
SubsidiariesBA CityFlyer
Fleet size277
Parent companyInternational Airlines Group
HeadquartersWaterside, Harmondsworth, United Kingdom

Get extra information about British Midland international Reservations for flight Booking and reservation.

Find Deals on British Airways Flight Booking

Flying for your next vacation with an airline trusted by more than 100 million people across the globe, sounds exciting, isn’t it? The palatial airline we are referring to here is the proud and oldest airline of Europe, British Airways. International flights reservation has become an extremely easy process nowadays with the progress of the internet. All major international airline operators have their own official websites. These websites and numbers have made international flights reservation all the easier. All that you need to do is to log in to these websites and check for the tickets available for your desired trip. If you are planning to fly with British Airways on your next trip; then book British Airways Flight tickets online from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, you can also avail help from British Airways booking experts by dialing British Airways booking number.

However, in the case of domestic and international flights of British Airways reservations, you can do some more research as well. You can search for websites that are not the official website of any particular airline operator. If you do not have any fascination about any particular operator, you may look for such general websites. It may well be the case that you are served with better options on these websites than the official ones. These websites are usually of travel agencies, and they offer discounts and packages as well. Also you can use official British Airways reservations phone number for flight booking.

One of the best things about having added time on your hands prior to leaving to a far-off destination is that gives you the ability to take full advantage of last-minute flight reservations. Equally, if you are reserved for time, you can still go on the internet and purchase your last minute tickets without any trouble, also you can book your last minute tickets by calling at British Airways Reservations. The option of business class flight and the red-eye flight is always open for those who do online British Airways booking for business purposes or are looking for cheap ticket prices.

British Airways Flight Cancellation

The ticket cancellation with British Airways is possible, but they do not refund the non-refundable tickets. If you have to cancel the British Airways ticket, the company will only refund on the basis of refundable or non-refundable policies (already stated the time of booking), you can resolve your issue by contact at British Airways Reservations number. In any other case, a client can claim a refund by stating his/her reason. In the refundable ticket, the penalty fees will get deducted from your ticket amount.

For instant response regarding British Airways flight ticket cancellations or any other concern, you can get connected with one of speaking agents at the given British Airways Reservations number; you can also call for lowest airfare or any unpublished fares deal.

British Airways United Kingdom Help and Contacts
United Kingdom
British Airways Contact Number for New Booking, Enquiries for flights availability0844 493 0 747
Destination Changes Enquiries0344 493 0747
Upgrading Existing Bookings Enquiries0344 493 0747
Booking Refund0344 493 0747
Information about Flight Arrival and Departure0344 493 0777
Special Assistance0344 493 0747
Group Reservations0344 493 0765
Customer Relations Number0344 493 0747
Claims Baggage0344 493 0747
Delayed Baggage Tracing0344 493 0785
 British Airways International Contact Number 
CountryPhone Number
Albania421 2 68 62 22 73
Algeria44 207 136 7770
Andorra34 902 151 300
Angola27 10 344 0135
Anguilla1 800 452 1201 (from Antigua), +1 800 452 1201 (outside the Caribbean)
Antigua & Barbuda1 800 452 1201 (from Antigua), +1 800 452 1201 (outside the Caribbean)
Argentina0800 999 6565 (local calls), 1 408 352 9324
Armenia44 207 136 7770
Aruba1 800 452 1201 (from Antigua), +1 800 452 1201 (outside the Caribbean)
Austria0810 00 10 46 (local)
Azerbaijan44 207 136 7770
Bahamas1 800 452 1201 (from Bahamas), +1 800 452 1201 (outside the Caribbean)
Bahrain8000 4252
Bangladesh91 124 4120 789
Belgium02 717 3215 (local), +32 2 71 732 15 (overseas)
Bolivia1 408 352 9323
Bosnia421 2 68 62 22 73
Botswana27 10 344 0135
Brazil0800 891 2732, +1 408 352 9323 (outside Brazil)
Brunei65 6823 2026
Cameroon27 10 344 0135
Canada1 800 452 1201 (from Canada), +1 800 452 1201 (outside Canada)
Chile800392619, +1 408 352 9323 (outside Chile)
Colombia01 800 0129687, +1 408 352 9323 (outside Colombia)
Costa Rica0800 0440 140 (toll free)
Cote d’Ivoire27 10 344 0135
Croatia421 2 68 62 22 73
Cuba44 191 490 7901
Denmark80 3030 01 (local), +45 803 03 001 (overseas)
Ecuador0800 891 2732, +1 904 527 5070 (outside Brazil)
Egypt44 207 136 7770
El Salvador1 408 352 9323
Ethiopia27 10 344 0135
Finland0800 1145 13 (local), +358 800 11 45 13 (from overseas)
France0826 826 747 (local), +33 826 826 747 (overseas)
Georgia44 207 136 7770
Germany49 (0)421 55 75 76 7
Greece0080044143761 (local), +442035645912 (overseas)
Haiti1 800 452 1201 (from Antigua), +1 800 452 1201 (outside the Caribbean)
Honduras1 408 352 9323
Hong Kong852 3002 1208
Hungary361 777 4749
Iceland45 38 48 7227
India91 124 4120 789
Indonesia62 001803441666
Iran44 207 136 7770
Iraq44 207 136 7770
Ireland0844 493 0 747 (from the UK), 44 191 490 7901 (outside the UK)
Italy02 696 82 109 (local), +39 02 696 82 109 (overseas)
Jamaica1 800 452 1201 (from Antigua), +1 800 452 1201 (outside the Caribbean)
United States1 800 452 1201 (from the USA)
Ukraine421 2 68 62 22 73
Uruguay1 408 352 9323
Zimbabwe27 10 344 0135
Switzerland0800 855 000 (local), 41 224 177 022 (overseas)
Sweden020 79 5262 (local), +46 858 770 518 (overseas)
Spain34 902 151 300, 34 910 507 550 (local call rate)
South Africa27 10 344 0135
Singapore65 6823 2095
Russia810 8002 036 1044 (local), 421 2 68 62 22 73 (from overseas)
Norway800 10040 (local), +45 38 48 7227 (overseas)

British Airways – Frequently asked Questions

1.Is British Airways ticket refundable?

If you have made British Airways tickets and suddenly an unexpected situation erupts, which has resulted in canceling your current booking, then you need to check the eligibility of your ticket fares, whether it falls under the refundable or non-refundable category. For full-refund without penalty, passengers need to make a cancellation within 24 hrs of the original flight booking.

Passengers are informed to place their refund request either via official site or by calling the contact centers.

2.How can I make changes to the name on a ticket?

British Airways doesn’t allow name changes after the British Airways reservations have been made. If you have made your flight booking, either online or via phone, please call the airline on+1-888-539-6764to make this name change. However, if the name of the passenger is spelled wrong or doesn’t match with the name on their government-approved ids, then passengers are suggested to contact the airline directly via its dedicated helpline number.

3.How do I change the date and/or time of a flight I’ve booked?

If your British Airways booking were made less than 24 hours ago and the flight departure time is more than 24 hours from the time of your original booking, then we recommend you to cancel your flight and rebook instead of making changes to it. Cancellation made within 24 hrs of the original reservation is refundable with no cancellation charges. Flight cancellation can be made from ba.com. If you have any issues related to flight cancellation, then feel free to contact the airline directly via British Airways Reservations USA number anytime around the clock.

If it is more than 24 hours of the original booking, then you may make changes to your existing booking online through Manage My Booking option only if your fare types allow it. Before going ahead with the cancellation or modification process, ensure about your fare type (restricted, non-upgradeable, or non-refundable).

4.How to take a wedding dress or suit onto a British Airways flight?

You want to carry your wedding dress or suit onto a British Airways flight; however, your big day outfit is not fitting into your hand baggage allowance, and you don’t want to take a risk by packing it in your checked baggage. In such situations, we suggest you to book British Airways tickets for one more seat to transport your dress safely. You cannot book a seat for your wedding dress or suit online. So, call directly on British Airways helpdesk number at least 24 hours before your flight.

5. How to get disability or mobility assistance?

If the passengers require assistance or advice on traveling with a disability on British Airways flights, or to make a request for special arrangements, you can speak to our customer relations department via British Airways numbers anytime around the clock. The helpline numbers are reachable round the clock for the convenience of the passengers.

6. How to report for Lost or damaged bags?

British Airways always strive to offer great services to the passengers and put all efforts to transport your luggage safely to your desired destination. However, if your luggage went missing or is damaged, then you can connect with the baggage department of British Airways and leave your worries on the customer representatives.

Moreover, passengers can also visit the official website of the airline and “make a claim” by filling all the details.

7. How to get travel assistance from British Airways?

Whether you are traveling with children and need special assistance or you require help regarding unaccompanied minors, you can connect with the airlines’ customer relations department by calling directly on British Airways reservations number. Additionally, you can also request for special facilities if you are traveling with pregnant women or passengers with specific medical conditions.

Note: British Airways provides priority boarding to the passengers traveling with children along with pushchairs for the convenience of the passengers and child. Moreover, the passengers can also request special meals, warm baby milk ahead of the flight departure.

Additionally, we also suggest you to read all the policies carefully before making British Airways tickets for your upcoming trip.

8. What is my Hand baggage allowances?

Hand Baggage allowances provided to the passengers depend on routes, operating airline, and travel class. If your flight is operated by British Airways, then you would be entitled to take on a handbag/laptop bag along with one more additional baggage.

Handbag/laptop bag – Weight and size limit of baggage must not exceed the 51 lbs and 16 x 12 x 6 inches (including handles and wheels).

Additional cabin bag – Weight and size limit of baggage must not exceed the 51 lbs and 22 x 18 x 10 inches (including handles, pockets, and wheels).

Please note: Your baggage must fit into the overhead bin or space under the seat in front of you. Make sure your hand baggage doesn’t exceed over these free allowances. For more information, feel free to contact the expert by calling directly on British Airways reservations number.

If your flight is operated by any partner airline, then the baggage policy of the operating air carrier shall be applicable. Please check your free baggage allowance before packing.

9. Can I change the booking if my ticket is non-refundable/restricted or semi-flexible?

In case your flight was canceled from the airline side, and your ticket was non-refundable/restricted or semi-flexible, then you can make changes to your tickets through the “Manage My Booking” link without paying any additional charges. However, if you need assistance to make changes to your booking, then look no further and contact the airline on number anytime around the clock.

10. If I change my booking what happens to my seat requests?

Passengers who are entitled to take advantage of advanced seat booking facility should check-in online through “Manage My Booking” link after making changes to their existing British Airways reservations.

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by Raheel mahmood on theairlinesreservations


I have a flight from India to london via kuwait on 20th February 2020 for passengers raheel mahmood and mohammad nafees which i am looking to cancel due to family problems- i wanted to check how much refund i would get please.
Ref is M9OH54

by Mylinh Camp on theairlinesreservations

I am flying in British Airways from London to Paris and have pre-paid for a carry on 55X40X20, but my carry on is slightly larger. What are my options?
I am trying to call you on British Airways reservations helpdesk but no response.

by Patricia A Carnahan on theairlinesreservations

I need to know how to cancel a flight as the person who was to fly with me is unable now. Do I have 7 days to cancel

by Angel on theairlinesreservations

I had booked BA flight to London from Vancouver last weekend and would definitely like to travel again. It is the best airline to travel to/from UK. The amenities are good and British Airways reservations helpdesk is incomparable with friendly and efficient staffs always ready to help. Even though I booked economy class, the seats were quite comfortable, food was tasty, and they also serve wine in this route. Highly recommend British Airways to anyone.

by Marlys Feder on theairlinesreservations

Confirming my trip to Europe on September 18th. Res. no. PV4NZZV Flight 8010 to Paris from Newark

by Peter on theairlinesreservations

I booked flight to London by calling on British Airways booking service number. The agent was friendly and helped me buy tickets as per my need. The flight was good and onboard amenities were exceptional. Flight attendants were professional.

by Angelina on theairlinesreservations

I booked BA flight to London from Vancouver and it is the best airline to travel to/from UK. The amenities are good and staffs are nice and friendly. Though I booked economy class, seats were comfortable, food was delicious, and they also serve wine in this route. Will recommend British Airways to anyone.

by Kally on theairlinesreservations

This is the first time I am going to fly with British Airways. I called on British Airways Booking Service Number and found the team to be very friendly, helpful and thorough. The person I dealt with was very patient and considered all my needs. I would certainly recommend British Airways to anyone and will travel with the airline again.

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