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This company was founded in 1990 by Chris Leach. This company arranges 10,000 full charters per year. This company doesn’t own Aircraft. It arranges helicopters, commercial airlines, private jet, and Cargo Aircraft. They are also providing services like Aircraft sales, Air Evacuation plans, and on board couriers. this company has websites that are covering over 34 countries. This company has 23 offices around the world for Aircraft Solutions of people.

Key people of Haverfordwest Air Charter 
  • Chris Leach (Chairman & Co-founder)
  • Christine Leach (Company Secretary & Co-founder)
  • Justin Bowman (CEO)
  • Ruan Courtney (COO)
  • Justin Lancaster (Commercial Director)
  • Stewart Pitt (CFO)
  • William Christie (Executive Jets Director)
Contact them at: Telephone: +44 1437 760 822 Fax: +44 1437 766 667 Email: [email protected] Website: www.aircharterservice.com

Haverfordwest Air Charter Services will provide charter plans for your organization and staff. It is helpful for those who have busy schedules. They keep their information up to date. The content is qualifying and corrective. This has 3 fleet sizes. Haverfordwest Air Charter Services Company has offices in 6 major companies. The response of these flights is very positive. They are providing the best quality of the flights to the passengers. Haverfordwest Air Charter Services Company has the best Aircraft that are suitable for your journeys all over the worlds.

Write us on: HAVERFORDWEST AIR CHARTER SERVICES HAVERFORDWEST ARPT. HAVERFORDWEST, PEMBROKESHIRE WALES, United Kingdom SA62 4BN Tel: 44 1437-760822 • Fax: 44 1437-766667 Email: [email protected]
Haverfordwest Air Charter Services
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