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SAS Scandinavian Airlines reservations Phone Number USA: +1-888-978-0366

Scandinavian Airlines is a combination of three other county airlines. The carrier of Sweden, Denmark & Norway makes a flag carrier of the Scandinavian airline. This airline is founded 72 years ago on 1 August 1946. Copenhagen airport, stock holm Arlanda airport, and the Oslo airport are the hubs of this airline.

Scandinavian airlines provide the 157 aircraft to the 123 destinations. You can easily enjoy the services of this airline with the help of internet. You make a visit on the website of the Scandinavian airline and also use their SAS reservations phone number USA for any queries and information.

Scandinavian Airlines Phone Number and Details

SAS Scandinavian Airlines Reservations Phone Number 1 (800) 221-2350
SAS Reservations Contact ( Sweden ) 0770 727 727  /+46 8 7974000
SAS Booking Contact ( Sweden )
0770 727 727  /+46 8 7974000
SAS Airlines Phone Number ( Denmark ) +45 70 10 20 00
SAS Airlines Phone Number ( Norway ) +47 21 89 6400
Scandinavian Airlines Disabilities Assistance 1 (800) 778-4838
Hubs Copenhagen Airport, Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Focus cities Bergen Airport, Flesland, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Stavanger Airport, Sola, Tromsø Airport, Langnes
Trondheim Airport, Værnes
Alliance Star Alliance
Subsidiaries Scandinavian Airlines Ireland
Fleet size 159
Destinations 123
Parent company SAS Group
Headquarters Solna, Stockholm, Sweden
Website www.flysas.com

How to Make SAS Booking

Flying for your next vacation with an airline trusted by more than 100 million people across the globe, sounds exciting, isn’t it? The palatial airline we are referring to here is proud flag carrier of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, Scandinavian Airlines. International flights reservation has become an extremely easy process nowadays with the progress of the internet. All major international airline operators have their own official websites. These websites have made international flights reservation all the easier. All that you need to do is to log in to these websites and check for the SAS booking tickets available for your desired trip.

However, in the case of domestic and international SAS seat reservation flights, you can do some more research as well. You can search for websites that are not the official website of any particular airline operator. If you do not have any fascination about any particular operator, you may look for such general websites. It may well be the case that you are served with better options on these websites than the official ones. These websites are usually of travel agencies, and they offer discounts and packages as well. Also You can use SAS reservations phone number for SAS booking flight tickets and they will surely offer you best deals & discounts on tickets.

One of the best things about having added time on your hands prior to leaving to a far-off destination is that gives you the ability to take full advantage of last-minute flight reservations. Equally, if you are reserved for time, you can still go on the internet and purchase your last minute tickets without any trouble. The option of business class flight and the red-eye flight is always open for those who do online booking for business purposes or are looking for cheap ticket prices.

Scandinavian Airline Flight Cancellation

The ticket cancellation with Scandinavian Airlines is possible, but they do not refund the non-refundable tickets. If you have to cancel the SAS seat reservation ticket, the company will only refund on the basis of refundable or non-refundable policies (already stated the time of SAS booking). In any other case, a client can claim a refund by stating his/her reason. In the refundable ticket, the penalty fees will get deducted from your ticket amount.

For instant response regarding Scandinavian Airlines flight ticket cancellations or any other concern, you can get connected with one of speaking agents at the given SAS airlines helpline number you can also call for lowest airfare or any unpublished fares deal.

You may be contacted at any number, their services are open for 24 hours. Any problem of ticket cancel, SAS seat reservation change, or any other queries, you have on call on these SAS Scandinavian Airlines reservations number. You also get some amazing offers on advance bookings and make your journey more comfortable. This airline has very good track records and always away from any incidents. Make SAS booking and grab the best deals and offers.


1. How Much Baggage Can in Bring on-Board?

The number of bags that are allowed to bring depends on your EuroBonus membership level and the travel class you have chosen while making SAS reservations. To know the exact details about the baggage allowance, you can go to the “My Booking” section on the official site of the airline. 

2. Where Does Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Fly?

If you are planning to visit Denmark, then fly direct to Copenhagen from Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Miami. To have a taste of Sweden, SAS Airlines flies directly to Stockholm from Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Passengers can directly fly to Oslo from New York and Miami. 

3. Can I Cancel my SAS Flight?

Passengers can cancel their SAS booking if they have a sudden change of plan. Go to the official site of the airline or use the link in the confirmation e-mail to cancel your ticket. When you book tickets via SAS Reservations or online, then you are eligible to get a full refund within 24 hours of the original booking. If you have made your reservation less than 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight, then you can get a refund up to 12 hours prior to the departure time. 

4. What is the Status of my Lost Bag?

You can check the status of your lost bag in the airline’s tracing system. Use your reference number to log-in. You will get all the details on the report that you have received while reporting about your delayed baggage. This number is a different number from the one that was on your bag tag. 

If you didn’t receive your luggage within 21 days, it would be considered as lost baggage, and you have to claim compensation for the lost baggage. To do the same, you are required to fill out the “Lost Baggage” form. Don’t forget to attach copies of your bag tag and ticket. Send the form to the SAS Reservations center. 

5. Why do I have to Pay a Credit Card fee when Paying with my Corporate Liability Card?

SAS started applying a credit card fee on SAS reservations if you are making a credit card payment with a Corporate Liability Card. This extra fee will be added to the total cost of your ticket. Some credit card companies apply their own fees also while making a payment. For more information, contact your card issuer.

  • A credit card fee of 1,96% will be added to the total cost of your ticket if you are using a business credit card.
  • No extra fee will be added to the total cost of your ticket if you are using Mastercard, VISA, Diners Card, and American Express. 

A credit card fee will be applied if you are making SAS ticket booking on the flight that departs from the following countries – Finland, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Norway, Estonia, Holland, Ireland, Rumania, Malta, Spain, Slovakia, UK, and Slovenia. 

6. When am I Allowed to Use the Internet?

Passengers can avail the facility of SAS internet. Wi-Fi gets activated as soon as the flight leaves the gate, and it is deactivated when the flight lands. Passengers can’t use the laptop during takeoff and landing for safety reasons. Keep your electronic devices on flight mode during your flight. 

7. Can I Change my SAS Flight?

You can change your SAS booking by entering the name and your reference number under the “My Booking” section on the official site of the airline. If you have made a reservation through a travel agency, then you need to connect to them to make any changes. If making changes in the booking is not possible on the SAS official site, then contact the SAS Reservations. 

An extra fee depending upon the type of your ticket will be applied for making changes. 

8. How do I Check-in at the Airport?

Visit the self-service check-in machines, available at the airport to check-in for your next flight. Use your booking reference as identification to avoid any hassle during check-in. Collect your bag tags and boarding pass from the kiosk. Attach these bag tags to your baggage and keep these bags at the counter marking Bag Drop. 

9. Does SAS Go Light Include any Baggage?

SAS Go Light doesn’t include any baggage. You can’t carry any baggage for free if you have made SAS reservations in SAS Go Light. The airline doesn’t offer benefits of free baggage in SAS Go Light to EuroBonus Diamond, Gold, Silver, or Star Alliance Gold members. 

10. What is Included in SAS Unaccompanied Minor Service?

 Unaccompanied Minor service of the airline ensures that your child will be taken care of by the airline representatives throughout the entire journey. They will take the child through security, to the gate, and while boarding the plane. 

The airline representatives will introduce your child to the flight attendant during all connections. The flight attendants will help the child with customs and passport checks. After reaching a destination, the unaccompanied minor will be released to the appropriate person. They will be provided with something to eat and drink.

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