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Do you need a well-deserved break from the grind of daily life? Well, if your answer is yes, then what can be better than planning a trip to your desired destination. Opt for Spirit Airlines reservations and fly to the destination amidst utmost comfort and ease. The luxury offered by Spirit Airlines in the sky will make your journey an unforgettable experience. No air carrier can give you the true value for your money other than Spirit Airlines. Undoubtedly, the air carrier is known for its exemplary range of amenities and facilities provided to the passengers onboard. 

Along with the best value in the sky; Spirit Airlines is also known for its prompt and unparalleled reservations. Passengers also have leeway to create their unique bundle of amenities based on their travel preferences, which let them avail big savings on ticket booking. If you wish to know more about the facilities; then you can connect with the airline agents through Spirit Airlines reservations phone number anytime, as per your availability.

How to make Spirit Airlines reservations online?

There are multiple ways to confirm your booking with Spirit Airlines, and all the methods are very easy. Now, customers are not required to stand in long queues at the airport to complete their booking as they can do it from their home convenience. Among all the available methods of flight booking, the online reservation is the best and the most convenient one. Purchase a Spirit Airlines ticket by following the below-mentioned steps on the airline’s official site. 

  • Visit the official Spirit Airlines website www.spirit.com and on the website’s homepage, apply a click on the “Book” option. 
  • After this, you will see various options like flight, vacation, car, hotel, and cruise. To purchase flight tickets, apply a click on the “Flight” option. 
  • Start adding all the necessary details in the required fields. 
  • Firstly, you have to choose your preferred trip-type. 
  • Select whether you wish to pay with miles or dollars. 
  • After this, input your origin and travel destination. 
  • Now, enter your travel dates including departure and return dates. 
  • Mention the number of children and adults that are flying on the same trip. 
  • Add a promo code, if possible to get Spirit Airlines cheap tickets. 
  • Now, click on the “Search flights” tab and go through the list of available flights. 
  • Choose your preferred flight and check all its details carefully to avoid any last-minute hassle. 
  • Now, proceed further and fill your personal details and choose the mode of payment. 
  • Make a payment and purchase a flight ticket in a jiffy. 

Flyers can also use the Spirit Airlines mobile app and the phone number to get their reservation done without even breaking a sweat. The airline permits all its flyers to explore their favorite destination without burning a hole in your pocket. Give a call on the Spirit Airlines reservation number if you have any issues regarding this process. 

Know about the Spirit Airlines group travel!

Want to travel with your group with your friends or family? Make Spirit Airlines reservations for your travel and fly to your dream destination amidst sheer luxury and comfort. Spirit Airlines is an idyllic choice for making group reservations because it offers multiple benefits on the same. The airline provides one guaranteed fare for all its travelers. Some of the benefits of making group reservation with Spirit Airlines are-

  • Ticketless travel
  • Confirmed seats for 10 or more flyers without making full payment
  • A dedicated group travel specialist will assist passengers with their concerns and queries
  • Free name changes permitted up to 30 days prior to the scheduled departure of the flight

For making a group Spirit Airlines booking, you have to fill the group form request. Any group of 10 or more people who are going on the same itinerary can take benefit of this advantageous program. Some important points to know about group travel are stated below. 

  • To confirm a group booking, non-refundable charges of $5 need to be paid per person. 
  • You can pay the total amount along with the name of the passengers included in the itinerary up to 60 days before flight departure.
  • Spirit charges $50.00 for the name change 30 days before flight departure.
  • Please note that any single passenger is not allowed to cancel his or her booking in group travel. 

Fly effortlessly with Spirit Airlines vacation packages!

Want zero headache on your next trip? Well, opt for the Spirit Airlines vacation packages. Confirm your Spirit Airlines book a flight process after choosing your desired package and have a pleasant experience on your trip. The airline offers complete vacation packages for its flyers’ ease. You can select the package you want from the airline’s official site. Read further to know the steps to book the desired vacation package online.

  • Go to the official Spirit Airlines website. 
  • There will be a search option on the website’s homepage. 
  • Click on the “Book” option, followed by the “Vacation” option.
  • After that, you have to choose whether you want to book “flight + car,” “flight + hotel,” or “flight + hotel + car.”
  • Once you have selected the suitable option, start filling in all the necessary details to confirm your Spirit Airlines reservations.
  • Firstly, start with inserting your travel destinations.
  • Secondly, pick how many rooms you want. If you don’t wish to include the hotel in your itinerary, you can skip this step.
  • Enter your preferred travel dates and the number of flyers going on the same trip.
  • Now, choose the preferred age of the driver only if you have added a car to your vacation package.
  • Next, apply a promo code to shave off the extra dollar from your travel expenses. 
  • Lastly, click on the “search vacation” button to explore the list of available options. 
  • Choose the suitable option according to your budget and preferences and fly affordably to the final destination. 
  • Make a payment and confirm your Spirit Airlines booking at much ease.

Some important points to remember related to the Spirit vacation packages

  • If you already have a flight reservation, you are not permitted to add a hotel or car to your itinerary.
  • You can purchase packages at least three days before the scheduled take-off of the flight.
  • Flyers can book up to four rooms and eight passengers per booking. To book a package for more than eight adults, you have to make a separate reservation. 
  • If you are a Saver$ Club member, you can enjoy savings on the fight portion of the packages. Apply a promo code to avail fantastic discounts.
  • To make any changes to your Spirit vacation package or to cancel it, you are required to connect with the agents of the Spirit Vacations office. They are open round the clock to resolve your queries.

Keep all these points in mind and opt for Spirit Airlines book a flight process without any hassle. 

How to check-in online for Spirit Airlines flight?

Want to save your time or money at the airport? Yes, then opt for online check-in after confirming your booking with the airline. Checking in online is highly recommended for passengers who are in a hurry and can’t arrive at the airport ahead of time. They can simply use the online check-in facility after making Spirit Airlines reservations and save their time. Online check-in initiates 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and ends at one hour prior to the scheduled boarding. During online check-in, you can also add extra bags, choose a preferred seat, etc. Below are the steps to check-in online. 

  • Browse the Spirit Airlines official site. 
  • Locate the check-in option on the top of the homepage. Click on it. 
  • You need to add the required details in the specified fields. 
  • Firstly, input the last name of the passenger. 
  • After this, enter the confirmation code and click on the “check-in” option. 
  • Your check-in is completed and you will receive a boarding pass. 
  • Print it and proceed to the airport. 

Confirm your Spirit reservations and choose the online check-in procedure. 

Explore the Spirit Airlines cancelation policy

Spirit Airlines is very generous and thus it offers various incredible policies and services for passengers’ ease. One such policy offered by the airline is the cancelation policy. Passengers of the airline are allowed to cancel their reservation at any moment if there is any change in their plan. Spirit Airlines understands that an emergency can appear at any time and it can interrupt your travel plan. In that case, you may need to cancel or make changes to your Spirit Airlines booking. Before starting the cancelation procedure, there are some points that you may need to know related to the airline’s cancelation policy. 

  • Like every other airline in the aviation industry, Spirit Airlines also offers a 24-hour cancelation window. No matter when you have bought the airline ticket, you can cancel it for free within 24 hours of the departure. You just have to make sure that your booking is made seven days or more before the scheduled take-off of the flight. 
  • You will get a full refund in the original form of payment. 
  • If you are canceling your Spirit Airlines reservations after 24 hours, the cancelation fee will be charged by the airline starting from $90. 
  • Please note that Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer refundable fares because it offers the lowest fares to its passengers. 

Steps to cancel a flight booking online

Passengers can cancel their purchase online, through the mobile app, or via its mobile number. Forthcoming are the steps to cancel your booking in the wink of an eye. 

  • Open the Spirit Airlines official site. 
  • Apply a click on the “My Trips” button.
  • Input your confirmation code and your last name. 
  • After this, click on the “Continue” button and it will open your existing booking. 
  • Find out the “flight cancelation” option and click on it. 
  • Now, click on the “confirm cancelation” and your booking is canceled. 

Spirit Airlines reservations phone number is available all the time to resolve all your issues. The agents of Spirit Airlines are very supportive and they will try their best to find the solution to your problem. For any help regarding this process, reach out to them.

Why choose Spirit Airlines for your trip?

Do you wish to go on a journey that can give you a memorable experience in the clouds? Spirit Airlines is the perfect choice for you. Purchase Spirit Airlines tickets without giving any second thoughts, and fly like an elite to your final destination. Thai incredible airline has innumerable benefits that it offers to its flyers. Therefore, once you choose the airline, you will see why it is worth picking for your trip. If you wish to know the perks of flying with Spirit Airlines, then read the following points. 

  • Countless offers

Among all the benefits that Spirit provides to its passengers, one of the best is its offers. There is no shortage of discounts on the official website of Spirit Airlines, and you can nab the right offer with much ease. For budget-conscious travelers, getting a suitable offer is very important. Get your hands on the right offer, and enjoy great savings on the Spirit Airlines book a flight process. 

  • Amazing customer service

The customer service of Spirit Airlines is considered one of the best in the aviation industry. The executives of this airline are available throughout the day and even at night to make sure that flyers get instant guidance whenever needed. Reach out to the airline agent if you have encountered an issue, and fly without any trouble. 

  • Transparent and reliable

If you have decided to make a Spirit Airlines booking for your trip, you should feel very happy because the airline believes in being transparent with its customers. Moreover, there will be no hidden charges, and you can book flight tickets at the lowest fares. 

  • Outstanding services

Spirit Airlines facilitates passengers with the best services so that they fly peacefully to their dream destinations. You can lie comfortably on the seats and stretch your legs. Moreover, the food is delicious and will definitely satisfy your taste buds. 

You can avail all these benefits after choosing Spirit Airlines tickets for your journey. 

Manage your Spirit Airlines booking effortlessly!

Is there any sudden change in your travel plan that needs you to modify your booking? Well, there is no need to worry. Just visit the official website of Spirit Airlines, or talk to the airline agent about the same. Moreover, using both these methods is very simple. Following are the steps to make changes online. 

  • Browse the official website of Spirit Airlines. 
  • There is a “My trips” option on the top of the homepage of the website. 
  • After that, you need to add your flight details in the given fields. 
  • Firstly, insert the passenger’s last name. 
  • Secondly, add the confirmation code in the specific field. 
  • Lastly, click on the “Continue” button to open the details of your current Spirit Airlines reservations
  • Various options will be displayed on your screen. Choose your desired option, and fly conveniently. 

With this beneficial option, you can add extra baggage, cancel a flight, request a special service, etc. Moreover, you can even talk to the airline agent about the changes you need to your booking. He will guide you throughout the manage booking procedure, and you can fly exactly as per your requirements.

Spirit Airlines Reservations

Spirit Airlines Español Telefono USA Information

Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-888-978-0366
Spirit Airlines Booking Phone Number 1 (801) 401-2222
Reservations / Reservations Espanol/Canada 801-401-2200 (24/7)
Spirit Airlines Baggage Phone Number 1-877-888-5926
Spirit Airlines Reservations
Spirit Airlines Telefono USA +1-888-978-0366
Spirit Vacations Phone Number 954-379-8866
Spirit Special Assistance Number 800-772-7117
Operating bases Atlantic City, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Orlando
Fleet size 135
Destinations 75
Headquarters Miramar, Florida, U.S.
Website www.spirit.com

Spirit Sales and Service Phone Number

Spirit Airlines Telefono USA Sales 801(4012222)
Canada 801(4012222)
Puerto Rico 801(4012222)
US Virgin Islands 801(4012222)
Spirit Airlines Vacations 954 (6980125)
Central America 50 (78367701)

50 (78367701) ( Panama )

Caribbean 877 (2111546) ( Jamaica )
South America 511 (6419131) ( Peru )
US 801(4012222)

Spirit Sales Only Representatives

Central America Guatemala Phone Number 502-2292-0828/502-2368-1695

( Xela City ) 77254500/5780 8259

Whatsapp: Zona 10 31864865

Whatsapp: Xela Pradera 31349123

El Salvador Contact in Central America 503-2534-8228
Honduras Central America San Pedro Sula City : 504-2544-0300 / Whatsapp Only:504-9452-0239

Tegucigalpa City : 504-2544-0300/ Whatsapp Only:504-9472-8517

Central America Nicaragua Contact 505-227-81149
Central America Costa Rica Contact 506-4032-9449

Haiti: (French and Creole

South America Colombia Phone Number 57 (3009120761)
South America’s Armenia number 57-6-7497244
South America Medellin Contacts 57-4-4485158


Spirit Airlines – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Size and Weight Limits for Bags?

In order to offer the lowest fares possible and air travel affordable, Spirit Airlines doesn’t include carry-on and checked baggage allowance in their ticket fares. If you need check-in or carry on baggage, then you need to purchase it at the time of booking Spirit Airlines tickets.
There is a pre-defined size and weight limit for Personal items, Checked and Carry-on baggage.
Personal item- The dimensions of the personal item like small backpacks, purse, and laptop bags must not exceed more than 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm), including handles and wheels.
Carry-on- The maximum Carry-on bag limit must not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches (56 x 46 x 25 cm), including handles and wheels.
Checked-baggage-Passengers must make sure that the size limit of their checked baggage doesn’t exceed 62 linear inches, and weight of the bags should not exceed 40 lbs.

Please note: The over-sized baggage incurs additional charges. If you have any query concerns related to the baggage policy, then feel free to contact the airline through Spirit Airlines phone number, which is reachable round the clock.

2.How Can I Change or Cancel my Spirit Airlines Flight Reservations?

Spirit Airlines understands that plan changes because of unexpected events or situations. So, it offers several easy options to make changes to your existing Spirit Airlines booking or cancel your flight. Passengers can make changes to their booking through “My Trips” options available on the official spirit.com reservations website of the airline. Moreover, if any passenger is facing issues to change/cancel their booking, then they can contact the airline through reservations number anytime around the clock.

Please note – For a full refund, the cancellation must be done within 24 hrs of the original flight booking. Additionally, some fare type includes changes or cancellations at no cost.

3.Do I have to Purchase a Seat Assignment after Making Spirit Airlines Booking?

If you are not concerned about where you sit, then you can save money on travel expenses, as the airline assigns at the time of check-in for free. However, the seat assignment is a random process, which doesn’t guarantee that passengers would get a preferred seat. Those passengers, who want a preferred seat onboard, can purchase a seat assignment and select the seat of their choice.

Please note that seat assignment starts at just $5, and it may vary by routes and location in the Spirit Airlines flights. Passengers can purchase seat assignments at the time of making Spirit Airlines tickets or during the online check-in. For more information or details, feel free to contact the airline directly via its dedicated helpline number.

4.When will Spirit Airlines introduce in-flight Wi-Fi?

Yes, by the year 2020, passengers would be able to enjoy high-speed internet service onboard. In-flight Wi-Fi offered by the airline will not be included in your Airlines ticket booking. High-speed web browsing and streaming can be enjoyed with a starting fee of $6.50. The prices may vary by routes and demand.

If you have any concerns or queries, then you can connect with flight attendants or the customer relations department and get your doubts clear in less than no time.

5.Can I Travel with an E-Cigarette?

Passengers who are willing to travel with E-cigarettes and related devices must note that usage of such devices is prohibited on Spirit aircraft. An E-Cigarette is allowed to be carried only in carry-on baggage. Make sure you don’t pack these devices in your checked baggage.

Please note: Some countries don’t permit carrying these devices in carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Moreover, if the passenger has made Spirit Airlines reservations for the routes, where carrying E-cigarettes and related devices in carry-on luggage is allowed, then in such cases, one should make sure the device is turned off. For more caution, contact the airline’s designated department anytime around the clock.

6. Does Spirit offer U.S. Military Discounts?

Yes, the airline provides the lowest fares to the U.S. military personnel, when they make booking. Owing to their sacrifices and contribution to the U.S. military, Spirit provides many additional privileges that include Free Bags for Active Duty U.S. Military, free flight tickets to wounded warriors and their families, and many others.

7.Will Spirit Adjust my Fare in Case Price Drop?

No, Spirit doesn’t credit the difference in price if the airfare drops after making the Spirit Airlines booking. Once the booking has been made, it cannot be changed in terms of airfares because the airline never as you for the difference if the flight fare increases.

Those passengers, who have issues with their booking, should immediately contact the airline’s reservations department by dialing the dedicated Spirit Airlines Reservations number anytime round the clock.

8.How to Get an Email Boarding Pass for Spirit Airlines Flight Reservations?

Spirit Airlines provides an easy way to get your email boarding pass. In order to receive your boarding pass through email for your next flight, you are required to check-in online using the official spirit.com reservations website of the Spirit Airlines. Online check-in window opens from 24 hrs prior to the scheduled departure until 60 min before departure. Follow the steps mentioned below at the time of online check-in to get an Email Boarding Pass:

  • Select Email Boarding Pass at the time of online check-in
  • Now enter your preferred email address in the field that says “Email Boarding Pass to”
  • Now check your email and ensure if all the information is correct.
  • You can now go paperless and show email boarding pass to TSA agent and Spirit Agent at the time of flight boarding.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to contact the airline via Spirit Airlines reservations number. The Spirit Airlines Telefono numero is available round the clock for the convenience of the passengers.

9. What are the Features Included in Spirit Airlines Mobile App?

The exclusive mobile app of Spirit Airlines lets you plan and manage your travel on the go. Whether you want to make Spirit Airlines booking, check-in online, or track Spirit Airlines flight status, this Spirit mobile app does it all without making you wait. Here are the options and features that you can use:

  • My Trips -Lets you access all your upcoming and past trips
  • Check-in – Let’s you check-in online from before 24 hrs of flight departure.
  • Boarding Pass- Go paperless and get your boarding pass on your mobile device.
  • Find and book your next getaway with ease
  • Flight Status – Track your flight status with ease.
  • Manage Trip- Let’s you manage your trip in a matter of a few clicks.

10. How to Apply a Spirit Airlines Coupon/promotional Code?

Spirit Airlines often features coupon/promotional codes so that travelers can avail huge savings on making Spirit Airlines flight reservations. If you want to use Spirit Airlines coupon/promotional code for getting discounts, then select a promotional code option while making the booking. If you have any concerns or queries, feel free to contact the airline via booking number.

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 7 reviews
 by Isabella

Will fly again!

It was my first time with Spirit Airlines, and I must say that it is one of the best airlines. One thing that I loved the most is its flight attendants who took good care of us throughout the flight. Firstly, they welcomed me with a big smile and then helped me to stow my luggage in the given area. All other services were also great. Highly impressive!

 by Olivia

Overall unforgettable journey!

I have traveled with Spirit Airlines many times, and I always end up having a great experience with this airline. The services it offers are unmatchable, and help me to travel comfortably. The food is delicious, the seats are comfortable, and the cleanliness is good. I recommend this airline to everyone.

 by Richard billard

Spirit Airlines Reservations is absolutely wonderful. Though I am not a frequent flyer of Spirit, I would say that things have changed a lot since the last time I traveled on a Spirit Airlines. The agents available at Spirit Airlines Reservations helpdesk are quite efficient and helped me to get the best flight deal. She found the best fares, and helped with all documentation, luggage etc. I would recommend Spirit Airlines to everyone.

 by Kevin Lars

The last time I was traveling with Spirit Airlines, my flight was delayed but I can’t complain about anything else. Once we boarded the plane, journey was quite comfortable with large spacious seats. The flight attendants were friendly and always smiling. I had a problem with my seatbelt and they immediately helped me to lock my seat belt. I would say Spirit Airlines Reservations is quite amazing.”

 by Brian Douglas

Spirit Airlines has always been my favorite airline to travel. The staffs are friendly and flight fares are quite affordable. The seats are more spacious with more legroom. My flight was on time and air time is always good.

 by Peter

Though I booked middle seat, as the window and aisle seat were not available, the staff made sure that my journey is comfortable. My flight was from Austin to New York and boarded at 12:50 noon. The journey was beyond expectation and the arrival was on time.

 by Richard

Spirit Airlines Reservations is absolutely fabulous. Though we are certainly not frequent flyers and things have changed so much since the last time we went on a Spirit Airlines, the agents available at Reservations helpdesk helped me a lot to book the best flight deal. She found the best fares, and helped with all documentation, luggage etc. I would recommend Spirit Airlines to everyone.

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