Flight To Lake Hood Seaplane Base

Lake Hood Seaplane Base is seaplane base that is located at the distance of 6 km in Southwest of Central business district of Anchorage in Alaska. Lake Hood is known as the busiest seaplane base in the world has more than 190 flights every day. Flight To Lake Hood Seaplane Base is located next to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on Spenard and Lakes Hood


Flight destinations:


At this airport, Reeve Air Alaska provides the services for the destination Gulkana.

Reeve Air Alaska – Gulkana


Services and facilities:


At Lake Hood Seaplane Base, there are three seaplane landing areas having the details as given below:

  • E/W is 4,540 by 188 feet (1,384 x 57 m)
  • N/S is 1,930 by 200 feet (588 x 61 m)
  • NW/SE is 1,370 by 150 feet (418 x 46 m)


There is one Runway available on the airport and a total of 781 aircraft based on this seaplane based. From these aircraft, 97% is a single engine and 3% are multi-engine for the flight operations. There is also there traffic control tower available that was established in the year 1977. More than 190 flights provide the services at this airport and it is the busiest seaplane base at the present time.


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