Logan International Airport

Flight To Logan International Airport

Boston is the hub of manufacturing but now it is considered a nice place for education and entrepreneurship. The Boston Logan International Airport’s official name is General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport. It serves the Boston city, US and located three miles away from downtown east Boston. This airport is ranked on 16th number when it comes to the busy airports of United States. Both domestic and international flights are handled by this airport. The busiest routes from this airport are Baltimore, Orlando, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco.


Flight destinations:


This airport provides services in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Newark, Edinburgh, San Diego, London, Hong Kong and other cities through the major airlines like Alaska Airlines, Avianca, Cape Air, British Airways, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air France and many more.

Air France- Paris

American Airlines- Charlotte, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Washington

Boutique Air- Massena

British Airways-London

Delta Airlines- Atlanta, Amsterdam, Fort Myers, Tampa, Paris, San Francisco, Edinburgh


Services and facilities:


At the Boston Logan international airport, one can get the car rental services, shuttle bus, taxis, water shuttles, and other crucial transportation services in a budget. Every passenger gets world-class amenities on this airport and you can also experience ground transportation, parking, dining, WiFi and reservations at the airport.


Not only you will enjoy traveling through this airport but you will also be able to get the option to book cheap hotels near Logan international airport from the official website of the airport. By checking the location, you can book a hotel in Boston which is in your budget. One can get every single detail about the flight information at the official website of this airport.


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