Will Rogers Memorial Airport

Flight to Will Rogers Memorial Airport:


Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport Barrow Alaska is mostly known as Post Memorial airport and it is located in Utqiagvik city which is in Alaska. The airport is situated at the Chukchi Sea and it was named after Wiley Post (Aviator) and Will Rogers (Humorist). It has one paved asphalt runway with measures 7100x150ft. There were around eight aircraft on this airport in the year 2011 and it had 12,010 aircraft operating.


Will Rogers Memorial Airport Flight destinations:


This airport doesn’t operate in all of the continents but definitely impart great services to the passengers who want to go near the cities of Alaska in flights. The cheap services provided by the airport are liked by passengers a lot. This airport has just one asphalt runway and two major airlines serve this airport which is Ravn Alaska and Alaska airlines in the cities like Anchorage, Nuiqsuit, Wainwright etc.

Alaska airlines- Deadhorse, Anchorage, Fairbanks

Ravn Alaska- Point Lay, Wainwright, Nuiqsut, Atqasuk


Services and facilities:


This airport serves as a major hub for the Bethany travel destination and only one asphalt runway is available at this airport. It has 12010 aircraft operating with 33 per day as average. Almost 12% are scheduled commercial, 1% military, 37% general aviation and 50% air taxi services. The airport imparts all the necessary services to the passengers like free WiFi to use the network connection with faster speed.

One can have fine dining at the restaurant and café of the airport. The waiting room is also available for the passengers. By visiting the official website of the airport, one can check the status of various flights and you can also book your tickets with the help of the official website of the Wiley Post memorial airport.


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