American Airlines: 5 Don’t of Air Travel

Dont of Air Travel

American Airlines: 5 Don’t of Air Travel

Posted By: Admin 20 Jan, 2020

Planning for an air travel soon? Make American Airlines reservations soon and reach your destination pleasantly. One of the major airlines in the world, this flag-carrier serves more than 350 destinations. Air travel is a pleasurable experience but you need to follow certain guidelines and rules for the same. While there are hundreds of safety regulations you need to bear in mind, here are mentioned some practical things you cannot afford to do while traveling on the plane. Let’s have a look. 

5 Don’t of Air Travel

To be a safer and more courteous traveler, avoid the following DON’Ts so that you can make your journey exciting and memorable. 

  • Don’t be rude to the customs or immigration staff

The first and foremost thing you must not do while air traveling is not to be rude with custom, immigration or any other staff member at any cost and under any circumstances. This is your courtesy and you should maintain the dignity of their designation, no matter what happens. Custom stagg are obliged to do anything, right from providing your with special services to deal with your travel query but they are humans after all and mistakes can happen. However, if you are running late or if you try to ride with them, then they will not going to help you out or will not speed up their process. Keep such things in your concern and never indulge in argument with them to enjoy a pleasurable journey. 

  • Never Recline Your Seats During Mealtime

The second most important thing you need to know that you should not recline your seat during the mealtime as it causes lots of discomfort. It is your duty to make sure that your seat is upright so that the passenger sitting behind can enjoy a full access to their tray without any hassle. In addition to this, it is advised to recline your seat only after taking the permission of the person sitting behind as it just shows your etiquettes and nice behavior to them. Make American Airlines booking to any of your preferred destinations and complete your journey with much ease and comfort. 

  • Keep your cabin baggage properly

American Airlines allows passengers to bring the cabin baggage on-board but it is your responsibility to place the same in a right way so that you or a crew member or passenger sitting next to you will not face any trouble. In addition to this, keep your hand baggage according to its size and dimensions and avoid putting overcoat, handbag, backpack etc in the overhead cabin so that other passengers can use the space effectively. Keep this kind of stuff under the seat in front of you so that you can access the same easily. Make sure you are leaving enough space for other passengers’ stuff. 

  • Never try to infringe on your neighbour’s seat

Do you like that passenger sitting next to you infringe on your space? Well, nobody does. Therefore, keep this thing in your mind that you can not disturbing or making uncomfortable the passenger sitting next to you. Stay away from man-spreading or flipping you hairs over the back of your seat or hogging the armrests or any other activity that can hinder the journey of other passenger intentionally. If you think that you need extra space on the flight, then it is preferred to book additional seat and enjoy your journey on your terms. Do respect your neighbour’s space if you wish to get respect from them. 

  • Don’t ignore your child’s actions

There is no denying the fact that this is a touchy subject. We know that you love your kids and their actions never bother you but does the person sitting next to you in the flight think the same? Well, surely not. Kids are lovable but what if they start troubling other passengers intentionally? Have you been on the long plane ride where the kid keeps on crying or kicking you constantly? I think you can never imagine the same. If you are taking your kids along with you on the journey, then please make sure that they don’t make other passengers’ journey uncomfortable. Never ignore your child’s action assuming that no one on the flight is bothering. Try to calm your child if he is upset and always seek an apology from the passengers sitting around you that might get affected from your kids’ action. 

So, these are some of the DON’Ts that you should keep in your mind while traveling on the plane. Be the first to know these travel hacks while planning for your next vacation. What keeps you waiting? Make American Airlines flights reservations right away to your favorite destination and enjoy your journey in the lap of comfort.

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