Enjoy a Comfortable Flying Experience with United Airlines In-Flight Amenities

United Airlines In-Flight Amenities

Enjoy a Comfortable Flying Experience with United Airlines In-Flight Amenities

Posted By: Admin 7 Feb, 2020

Planning for air travel anytime soon? If so, then choose the airline that make your flying experience interesting and memorable. Air travel is not just a way of reaching from one place to another, rather it is a lifetime experience for many. Apart from the least traveling time and secure bookings, what other thing makes it worth-choosing is the in-flight amenities and services. In-flight amenities offered by airlines are primarily aimed at offering phenomenal travel experience to the travelers. Airlines strive their best to offer out of the box experience to travelers so that they can choose them over and over again. If you have an ardent desire to enjoy the premier flying experience, then make United Airlines reservations and reduce the fatigue and stress that may occur during long-distance travel. 

A Complete Guide to the In-Flight Amenities Offered on United Airlines Flights

Wish to travel in the lap of comfort and opulence? Book flight tickets with United Airlines  now and reach your destination in style. Various types of in-flight amenities are offered on United Airlines flights that can make your journey a pleasurable experience. Passengers can opt for these services without giving a second thought. Below are mentioned a complete guide to the in-flight amenities provided by the United Airlines for the utmost convenience of the passengers. 

Seatback Entertainment System

United Airlines is all set to provide the new and advanced seatback entertainment system with unique features and more content to display. This ensures that you’ll never get bored during your journey even on long-haul flights. Below are mentioned some of the features of this system:

  • With the help of this system, you can easily access the real-time information of your flight and enjoy hours of entertainment for free. Do you know the United’s seatback entertainment system offers a huge collection of movies and songs in almost 15 different languages? Isn’t it amazing? 
  • This also offers text-to-speech mode and advanced audio setting to enjoy exceptional flight experience. 
  • It also boasts a relax mode option in which you can select from several audios and videos to play in the background while you sit back and relax on your seat. 

United Private Screening

United Airlines understands your love for movies and TV shows and thus never deprive you from the same. United Private Screening option lets you enjoy the Hollywood movies, shows and hit music videos directly on your personal device. However, please note down the fact that this facility is available on the selected aircrafts, therefore, check the same while boarding the flight. In addition to this, complimentary earbuds are also available on the selected United Airlines flights on your request. Furthermore, the availability of the content on your device is also subject to the mobile device and thus make sure that your personal device is ready before boarding. 

In-Flight Magazines

If you are a book lover, then this is perhaps the best option for you. Nothing is better than reading a magazine while traveling. Keeping aforementioned fact in concern, United Airlines offers in-flight magazine named ‘Hemisphere’ that features latest travel and business trends, articles and stories. No matter whether you are interested in sports, gossip, thrill, entertainment, education, and fitness, this magazine has a dedicated section for you. What keeps you waiting? Call United Airlines phone number and make flight bookings with ease. 

Stay connected in the Air with United’s In-Flight Wi-Fi

Do you want to stay connected while flying? Well, everyone does and you are no exception. Therefore, to fulfill your needs, United Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi to the passengers so that they can send important mails and messages to their contacts. This facility is available on both short-haul as well as on the long-haul flights. For additional convenience, United Airlines offers you the Wi-Fi subscriptions with the help of which you can enjoy high-speed internet on all United flights for an entire month. Please note that the Wi-Fi price may vary from one aircraft to another. 

In-Flight Power

Yet another major in-flight service offered on the United Airlines flights is the in-flight power of 110V. With this, the battery of your personal devices will never get drained out. However, this is available on the selected aircrafts and on the preferred seats. It is available free of cost and thus anyone can use the same without thinking twice. 

Satiate your taste buds with tempting food and beverages

What if you can enjoy delicious and luscious food while flying to your destination? Well, this is not just a dream anymore as United Airlines offers fine dining experience to the passengers. The menu is designed by professional chefs who prepare the food by using the regional ingredients. In addition to this, you can also get the chance to enjoy special meals as desired. Furthermore, if you wish to enjoy beverages while flying, then you can avail the same on your flight. Beverages are paid and the price may vary by aircraft. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are available on the flights and you can order the same at any time during the journey.

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