How to Book Alaska Airlines Group Travel?

Alaska Airlines Group Travel

How to Book Alaska Airlines Group Travel?

Posted By: Admin 29 Nov, 2019

Group travel lets you have and experience joyful time with your loved ones. Whether you are planning a destination wedding at your favorite destination or going on a vacation with your office team, you can opt for Alaska Airlines group travel. Alaska offers exciting deals that will make your group travel comfortable and pocket-friendly.

However, planning group travel and booking flight tickets can be a little confusing. But do not worry; we have given enough information in this blog, which will be enough for you to have an amazing group travel.

Make Alaska Airlines Group Travel Reservation

Alaska Airlines offer several options that depend on the need of a group. Below we have briefed about all three group travel options offer by Alaska Air. Find out the one that suits your travel plan.

  1. Travel Separately

Alaska Air offers tickets on best-discounted fares at the time of booking, if you are a group of 20 or more people traveling from the different departure location to the destination. To make the group travel reservation, you need to dial the Alaska Airlines group travel phone number and ask an airline representative for group travel Alaska Airlines reservations. The group desk executive will provide a discount code that your group can use to book their own tickets.

Here are the benefits you get with Travel Separately option:

  • Online Flight booking with unique discount code
  • An extended travel window permits travel up to three days after and three days before your event
  • You can choose flight timing that suits your plan
  • You earn tour conductor credits depending on the number of booked tickets.
  1. Travel Together

For a group of 10 or more people planning to travel on the same date and flights, Alaska Air offers flight tickets at discounted fares that will help you to save big on your travel expenses.

Here are the benefits you get with the Travel Together option:

  • No deposits are required on Alaska Airlines group reservation
  • Get a set base fare ensured via an exclusive fare agreement.
  • You are allowed for unlimited name changes free of cost up to three days before the flight’s departure time.
  • Names changes in three days of flight departure are also available but with a fee.
  • You would not be charged any ticketing fee.
  • You can avail advanced seat assignments.
  • No minimum stay required
  • You earn tour conductor credits depending on the number of Alaska Airlines group reservation.

  • Charter a Flight

It is the ideal choice if you are traveling in a large group. You can customize your travel according to your preferences. Here are a few of the benefits that you get with Charter a Flight option.

  • You will get an entire aircraft for your known people only.
  • You can opt to travel on your preferred schedule.
  • You can opt to fly from a standard airport or a private airport.
  • Get an all-embracive price based on the route, fuel, and pre-chosen menus.

These are the three options offered on Alaska Airlines group travel. Find a suitable plan and spend a refreshing vacation with your closed ones.

Moreover, planning travel for a group trip can be a little difficult; that is why you should try the below-mentioned points whenever looking to book group travel tickets.

Tips for Group Travel

Below we have mentioned some travel tips that will help you to get the best deals and make your Alaska Airlines group travel easier.

  1. Be Flexible with your travel: Consider different destinations, multiple dates, and even airports.
  2. Plan in Advance: Choose to reserve group travel with Alaska Airlines as soon as possible.
  3. Choose to travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday: These three days are best to find exciting deals on group travel.
  4. Confirm your group size: appropriately estimate your group size and don’t book 40 tickets, if you only need 20. 
  5. Avoid the popular travel days: You may get the group travel offer, but there are very slight chances that you will get the best deals in peak season.
  6. Choose a destination with more flights: It will help you to get better flight availability and better deals on booking.

That’s it, folks it was enough information on group travel offered by Alaska Airlines. In case you want to ask an expert about your desired group travel, then ask a travel professional by dialing the Alaska Airlines group travel phone number.

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