How to Book Award Travel on American Airlines?

How to Book Award Travel on American Airlines

How to Book Award Travel on American Airlines?

Posted By: Admin 24 Sep, 2019

Do you frequently fly with American Airlines? Have you yet joined its incredible loyalty program-“AAdvantage”? If yes; as this blog will guide you to book award flights by using your earned points. Additionally, you can also book flight operated by the partner airline against your loyalty points.

It is not a very difficult task for how to book award travel on American Airlines earn while traveling. Rather, it is the easiest part of traveling. By booking award travel, you will learn the technique to maximize value while redeeming your miles.

Only a few years ago, the use of travel apps in a smartphone was one of the most basic technology. However, in these few years, many of these apps have worked to improve their quality of service and functionality, where users are given the choice to create their own travel profiles and itineraries, and even keep a track of all the points collected and gathered and mileage balances. Some travelers even use these apps to book their flights and hotels.

How to earn American Airlines Miles?

You should keep in mind that you need to have a lot of miles in your account before you proceed to book any travel award. Moreover, you should also learn all the ways to earn American Airlines miles. But, at first, you need to know that American Airlines offers these award points to flights that cover a minimum amount of distance. On the other hand, airlines like Delta and United, which now gift passengers’ miles looking at the amount paid for booking a flight and also the level of your elite status. Another way to book your American miles is by using the number of AA’s frequent flyer programs when you selected to travel with one of the many Oneworld partners.

How to book award flight using your American airline’s miles?

Do you know the process about how to book award travel on American Airlines? If not, you have come to the right place. Here, we will mainly focus on the steps to book award travel on American airlines.

The very basic step in booking an award flight is to go through the award charts of both the flights of American Airlines and US Airways and also their partner flights. By looking at these charts, you will be able to gauge how many more miles you need to book an award flight. You should also keep a note of the off-peak awards that are offered at a discounted price. Moreover, passengers carrying an American Airlines credit card (both Citi and Barclaycard), can utilize these discounted mileage awards while traveling within the United States and Canada.

The next step to book an award flight is to choose the partner airlines that serve your destination so that you can search your perfect route for traveling. Many passengers prefer to look up in Wikipedia for the name of airports while filling up the origin-destination, and the central hubs of the bigshot airlines. It is because, as you make an each entry, you can clearly see the routes that each of these carriers fly. At times, it can also happen that Wikipedia will show old routes that have been canceled many times than not showing any new routes at all.

The moment you start searching for online flights, you will be happy to find that the website of American Airlines is quite fast in searching for an award flight, but only among the partners that are available there. Therefore, it is very important to know the names of the partner flights of American airlines that are visible on the website, so that you know from before what is not visible and looks for alternative ways to search for award space on the other carriers.

Some of the available Oneworld Alliance partners of American Airlines are:

  • Air Berlin
  • British Airways
  • Qantas
  • Finnair
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines
  • US Airways

Apart from these airlines, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines are also the other available partners that you can see in the American Airline’s website while booking an award flight. You can see that you can book awards only on eight different partners from the website of AA. If you want to book an award flight apart from these partners, you need to be a little more creative. Also you can use American Airlines Reservations number for book award flight.

The simplest way to find these websites of other Oneworld partners is to look for awards. You can even tools like Expert Flyer to look for awards on some of these carriers. If you are still unavailable to book an award flight, you might have to reach the reservation agents of American Airlines and know from them the names of the partner flights that are available as awards.

If you use all the available strategies to search an award flight, you’ll can definitely can get hold of some unbelievable awards and how to book award travel on American Airlines with the help of the miles that you have earned.

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