How to Get Preferred Delta Airlines Seat Reservation?

Delta Airlines Seat Reservation

How to Get Preferred Delta Airlines Seat Reservation?

Posted By: Admin 21 Nov, 2019

Travel with Delta Airlines and enjoy a smooth, relaxed, and seamless journey all under one roof. Seamless connections of Delta are quick, well-timed, and within the same terminal.

Delta Airlines seat reservation allows you to choose your preferred seat. Treat yourself with more comfort, space, and convenience with your desired seats. Book your preferred seat in advance free of cost.

The right seat for you makes a big difference. If you are going on a business trip, then Delta Airlines has a special service known as “Preferred Seating.” By availing this facility, flyers are allowed to choose where they would like to sit – exit row, aisle, or window at no extra cost. This is the complimentary perk provided by Delta airlines for its passengers just for flying with the airline. 

Preferred Delta Airlines Seat Reservations for Business Travel

While making Delta Airlines reservations, you will be asked to select seat assignment as per your preference, i.e., aisle or window. Once you have made your choice, Delta will automatically assign you the seat nearest to your choice. 

Business travel passengers can request the preferred seating at any time. They need to visit the official site of Delta Airlines to select their favorite seat while purchasing your seat. Your travel agency can also request for the preferred seating any time after ticketing. Preferred seating is a complimentary service available for the convenience of passengers. Delta Airlines seat reservation facility is available for the-

  • Passengers that have purchased full B, Y and M fares
  • Elite Plus & SkyTeam Elite partner members
  • Medallion SkyMiles members:
  • Silver Medallion (FO)
  • Gold Medallion (GM)
  • Platinum Medallion (PM)
  • Diamond Medallion (DM)
  • Alaska Airlines MVP® and MVP® Gold members
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members
  • Corporate accounts or agency due to contract negotiations
  • Companions traveling Alaska Airlines MVP® and MVP® Gold members, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members, Elite Plus and SkyTeam Elite partner members, and Medallion SkyMiles members, when they booked in the same reservation.

Business travel passengers don’t have to pay any amount for the Delta Airlines seat reservation

Seat assignment for Basic Economy fares

Passengers of basic economy fares are not eligible for complimentary and paid preferred seats, regardless of any elite status, or Medallion. If you are not eligible for preferred seating, then you have to purchase your preferred seat 45 days prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. 

If you have opened the displayed seat map, and seats are unavailable, then you can get a seat upon check-in. It may sometimes happen that you pick your seat, but it is assigned to somebody else before the completion of your transaction. 

  • The fees for making a desired Delta Airlines seat reservation seat vary by the route you are traveling.
  • Basic economy passengers are permitted to pick their seat within the final few days before a departure. 
  • Check the seating chart very carefully to get seats together with your loved ones. 

Delta Airlines provides special seating services for passengers with disabilities. 

If any passenger wants to change his/her seat after booking or want any assistance regarding seat assignment, they can call on the helpline number of the airline. Talk to the airline agent, avail prompt guidance regarding the same, and make your Delta Airlines seat reservation to get desired seat. 

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