How to Make Allegiant Air Group Travel Booking

Allegaint Air Group Travel

How to Make Allegiant Air Group Travel Booking

Posted By: Admin 4 Dec, 2019

Are you really excited for your trip to the United States? At the same time, worried about the cost of the flight tickets to US. You might have researched and found that traveling to the US is quite an expensive affair. And, therefore, you might not be able to afford to buy the costly flight ticket to explore your dream destination. If you are traveling in a group, then you might think it is just impossible to buy those expensive tickets for all the members of your family. However, this is not the case when you can have access to Allegiant Air group travel booking facility. 

Now, before proceeding towards the impact of opting for Allegiant Air group travel. It’s important to have detailed information about Allegiant Air and the facilities the carrier provide to their esteemed global customers.

About Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air is a major airline of the United States headquartered in Summerlin, a suburb located in the Las Vegas Valley of Southern Nevada. Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline operating scheduled and charter flights as well. It has been the flying partner of many travel enthusiasts because of the easiest process of making Allegiant Air group reservations.

With a capacity to handle multiple domestic and international flights and millions of passengers, Allegiant Air has been marked as the 9th largest commercial airline in the United States. 

Traveling to any part of the United States is no more a task of hassle and cost with Allegiant Airlines. They operate scheduled flights to 117 destinations throughout the United States. Above all, the most trouble-free process of making reservation has attracted millions of travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world. 

Just by keeping the phone number of the airline handy, you can book a flight to destination of your choice in no time. The staff of the airline are available 24×7 to assist you with the information you require for booking flight ticket. Even flight cancellation can also be done over the phone with this major US based airline.


Allegiant Air was founded in the year 1997 by Jim Patterson, Dave Beadle and Mitch Allee. Initially, it was named WestJet Express. When recognized as the name similar to WestJet Airlines of Canada, the name was changed to Allegiant Air. Also, in the year 1998, the airline received FFA certification for operating scheduled and chartered flights to 117 destinations in the United States. Easy process of making flight reservations has also been one of the major reasons behind the gained popularity of this premium, low-cost American carrier.

Make Allegiant Air group reservations in no time and most significantly without costing a dime, especially when you are traveling in group. Let’s find out the importance and impact of traveling in group, especially when you check the group travel option.

Significance of Airline Group Booking and Steps to Follow for Making Allegiant Air Group Travel Booking

Airline group booking is best defined as a convenient platform to book tickets of a group of passengers at a fixed fare quoted by an airline. Group booking give passengers the liberty to pay an advance payment of 40% while making Allegiant Air group booking. And, the other 60% can be made before 21 days of the scheduled departure of the flight. Also, the names of the passengers can be provided to the dedicated airline 10 days prior to the actual departure of the flight. 

Group booking in Allegiant Air can be done easily if your follow the mentioned guidelines. 

  1. Visit the website of the Allegiant Air.
  2. Search for the flight option that suits your requirement, need, choice of destination and budget.
  3. In the third step, make sure that you provide the airline your place of departure. Fill in the ‘From’ field.
  4. Here comes the choice of your destination. Make sure that you fill the ‘To’ field to make the airline aware of your landing destination.
  5. It is the most vital step where you have to provide the airline the number of passengers flying in a group including adults and children before making flight reservations with Allegiant. 
  6. Now, you can select from a wide array of flight options provided by the airline to you and other group of passengers.
  7. Go for the one that suit your need and requirement and most importantly budget.
  8. Get redirected to the payment page and get confirmation of your flight booking via message or email.

While making Allegiant Airlines booking, make sure that you can have access to the facilities provided by the airline to all their customers. Also, it is important for you to stay connected with their dedicated, professional and highly experienced staff for any doubt or enquiry. 

Booking phone number of the airline will help you to get any kind of information regarding flight booking, flight cancellation, flight status and last but not least for making change in flight ticket.

Make Allegiant Air group reservations from the comfort of your home. Without visiting the kiosk of the airline, passengers can get their doubt solved and get information they need to reach their destination in an easy and hassle-free way.

Group Booking Policy for Making Allegiant Air reservations

According to the policy of the group booking policy of Allegiant Airlines reservations, a group of 10 or more passengers if fulfills the eligibility criteria is permitted to get a group rate when they make the flight booking on a single itinerary. All you need to do is keep the contact number of the airline handy.  

When you are willing to have the freedom of paying 40% advance and the remaining 60% before 21 days prior to the scheduled flight, it is essential to visit the website or call the concerned person of the Group Department of the airline. To enjoy Allegiant Air group travel, request for the rate charged by the airline for traveling in group. 

Book a flight in an easy, comfortable and affordable way. Get superb on-board amenities at optimum price with this major US airline, Allegiant Airlines.

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