Is Business Class Air Travel Just as Enjoyable as First Class?

Business Class Air Travel

Is Business Class Air Travel Just as Enjoyable as First Class?

Posted By: Admin 16 Sep, 2019

Whenever you fly, either for business or personal purpose, choosing the best seat and availing the best deals is always a task. However, you must always be aware of the best options when you are booking a flight for your next business trip.

Whether you are traveling with colleagues or going it alone, you must always try to book the best deal that will also help you prepare for success. We are all aware of the fact that economy class seats are comparatively smaller and have less legroom space than the other classes. But do you really know the difference between first-class and business class?

Though the difference between first class and business class hugely depends on the cost, there are other factors that one must take into consideration. If you want to save your precious time and make the best decisions while planning your business trip.

Here is the list of differences between business and first-class seats.


Domestic flights don’t have much in its platter to offer for first-class fares and seating, unlike international flights. On the other hand, the first-class ticket for a long-haul international flight is twice the price of a business class. However, the first-class price also gives you added benefits and perks such as access to airport lounges, better seats, more luggage options, and better food.


Airport terminals are never a place where you can rest peacefully as the atmosphere is loud and fast-moving. The chairs are not so comfortable, and charging your phone is quite difficult. Airport lounges, on the contrary, provide a very different and unique experience for premium members, frequent flyers and business and first-class flyers alike. The lounges do not only provide a private space but are also designed to provide solitude and amenities to business travelers before departure.


Both business and first-class cabins look forward to providing you more rest along with utmost privacy. Most business-class provide partially reclined seats so that you can sleep peacefully at night. They also typically come with your own TV, bedding, and a decent-sized width and pitch. If you are traveling first class, you can enjoy the luxury of comfortable bedding and sheets along with pillows in addition to a bigger TV.

Food and beverages

Dining in Business class is an experience to remember as you will get to witness an array of champagnes and wines and lip-smacking restaurant-quality food. Moreover, the food will be served to you on real silverware. You will be thrilled to know that Emirates A380 planes have an entire bar where passengers are served drink whenever they want. While the dining of business class is quite a class, that of first-class is the same; in addition to a renowned chef who’ll cook mouthwatering food for you.

Each airline has a unique aircraft and also gives you a unique experience each time you travel. Both the business class and first-class gives you the comfort that anyone would dream of while traveling. The first-class might be more on the luxury end of the spectrum but the business class also has its merit.

The last time I flew Alaska Airlines, I took a first-class roundtrip from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta and had quite an amazing experience to share. Alaska Airlines’ first-class provides a pretty no-frills service where the legroom isn’t that great and you can find no seatback entertainment. However, at the same time, they provide some of the delicious food on almost all flights and their crews are among the best in the U.S. Not to forget, Alaska Airlines Reservations is worth a mention as they always look to solve all your issues and provide you the best of flying experience.

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