The Captivating Wine Hamlet of Spain- LaGuardia

Rioja Alavesa LaGuardia

The Captivating Wine Hamlet of Spain- LaGuardia

Posted By: Admin 26 Dec, 2019

The wine lover out there, we have found a treasure-packed hamlet- LaGuardia, which is known for its tongue-tickling Wines. This time plan your vacation to this mesmerizing neighborhood of Alava, Spain, to refresh and revitalize your mind and soul. This place is blessed with an ideal climatic condition for farming the wines, which makes it special across the world.

You might be thinking of the travel budget. Don’t worry, Delta Air Lines is giving you a chance to explore LaGuardia – eventually, a wine paradise without going bankrupt. Wine lovers can now book flights to Madrid from any part of the world because LaGuardia is easily accessible via car or bus, and yes, we don’t ask for any proof of your love for wine, just kidding!! Even if you are not so much fond of wine, you must visit this place, as it would gift you with endless memories. However, if you are from the US, then you should definitely make Delta Airlines reservations. So, go ahead and grab LaGuardia flight deals.

More about Wine farm of Spain

Let’s spin the wheel and go back to the medieval era, where this exquisite fortress town lies. Once known as the ‘Guard of Navarra’ resting amidst the rocky hilltop, LaGuardia is genuinely heaven in itself.

It is a municipality located in the southern province of Álava, featured with old walled houses, peaceful vicinity with no traffic jam, and complemented with the striking scenic view.

How to reach LaGuardia?

The real home of wine – LaGuardia, Spain, is not well connected to other parts of the world. The travelers need to book flights to Madrid- the capital city of Spain, which has convenient flight connectivity to all the major cities or destinations of Spain and the world.

Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport (MAD) is the major international airport close to LaGuardia. You need to de-board in Madrid and take a bus heading to LaGuardia.

Things to do in Laguardia

Centro Temático Del Vino Villa Lucía

It is a stunning wine museum cum wine shop just outside LaGuardia that sales high-quality vino from small local producers. The tour of this magnificent wine museum is only possible with a guide that includes tasting different flavors of wines.

Torre Abacial

If you want to experience the stunning scenic view of this beautiful town and its vineyards, then you must definitely climb to the ‘Abbot’s Tower by covering the 100-plus steps, which date back to the 12th century.

Bodegas Palacio

Visit here if you want to have some wine lessons.

Iglesia de Santa María de los Reyes

It is a small church that dates back to the 14th-century featuring spectacular gothic doorway and beautiful sculptures.

Bodegas Casa Primicia

Located just 600m north of the historic center, Bodegas Casa Primicia is the most primitive winery of Laguardia that dates back to the 16th-century building.

Hope you loved reading about this unexplored wine paradise. If you need assistance to book a flight; then feel free to contact the booking expert via Delta Airlines reservations number.

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