Tips you Must Follow for Booking Travel on Priceline

Booking Travel on Priceline

Tips you Must Follow for Booking Travel on Priceline

Posted By: Admin 27 Aug, 2019

Do you have the experience of booking your travel on Priceline? If not, follow this blog carefully and lean the tricks to booking your travel on Priceline.

You must be aware that Priceline is an online travel agency that is required when you book flights, hotels, etc. Many people prefer booking their travel on this travel portal and have become a very popular option.

Here are a few tips that you can follow while booking your travel on Priceline

Making a bid on Priceline Hotels Rooms

Priceline discontinued to use the title “Name Your Own Price” for flight tickets in 2016. However, you are still allowed to make a bid on hotel rooms and rental cars. You can use Google Flights while searching for revenue flights or utilize the rewards points for free flights. You can make savings on flight booking by bidding for an empty room.

The process of bidding has three steps. The following steps will increase the possibility of your bid being approved.

  • Select more than one city or neighborhood.
  • Choose hotels that have Multiple Star Ratings.
  • Don’t enter a “lowball” offer that is too low.

Bid on Rental Cars

You can also save a few bucks while you bid on a rental car with the help of Priceline’s Name Your Price option. You might think twice and not be ready to trust an unknown hotel, however good the hotel might be but you will be at once ready to bid on a rental car. You can take a look at the below tips while bidding on rental cars.

You need to bid 20%-30% less than the lowest prices that reflect on the website.

It is advisable to choose locations that do not demand high additional fees (i.e. airports).

You should keep in mind the car type as few agencies are stricter than others.

Before the final bid, Priceline will show you the estimated taxes and fees. You need to compare the total price against the price of renting a car straight away from the agency or even the non-binding listings offered by Priceline.

Save Up to 60% on Priceline Hotels with Express Deals

You can get the opportunity to save up to 60% on travel costs if you use Priceline Express Deals. It is the exact amount you save when you Name Your Own Price and bid on hotels. The Express Deals are quite similar to that of Hotwire deals that offer a good deal but don’t disclose the name of the hotel until you pay for the booking.

You can go through the mystery hotel listings for every destination and browse listing by the number of stars. You will find a description of hotel brands given for each star. Hotels like Hyatt,, Indigo, Four Points  or Holiday Inn, for example, are hotels of 3-star category.

Join the Free Membership Program

Another trick to make a booking at Priceline is joining the Priceline membership program that is free of cost and avail exclusive discounts. This discount is known by the name of Private PriceBreakers and can’t be utilized by one-time customers. This membership will also give you opportunities to earn extra cash that you can use for future travel. You can also view additional hotel discounts the moment you sign in the account.

Find a Cruise with Fringe Benefits

There are multiple ways to save money when booking on Priceline. The way is to search cruises that provide onboard credits and other discounts. These fringe facilities can be quite advantageous for sellers as each cruise line offers different incentives to invite first-time cruisers and retain customers.

If you ever face any doubt or issue while making a booking on Priceline, you need to contact Priceline Reservations1-888-539-6764 and take their assistance.

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