What Exactly You Need to Know Before Making Aeromexico Group Reservations?

Aeromexico group reservations

What Exactly You Need to Know Before Making Aeromexico Group Reservations?

Posted By: Admin 16 Dec, 2019

Traveling and exploring new exotic destinations is always interesting but what makes it unforgettable is the group travel in which you discover the hidden gems with your family and friends. Group travel has been in existence for a long time but nowadays, it has become increasingly popular. Group travel definitely has lots of benefits. With this, you can not only save money but also collect beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime. So, if you are planning on experiencing group travel for the very first time, then make Aeromexico group reservations and enjoy tremendous fun and make your journey safer. 

About Aeromexico Airlines

Before proceeding towards the group travel and group bookings, let’s just find out some information on Aeromexico Airlines . Based in Mexico City, Aeromexico Airlines is one of the major flag carriers which operates flights to more than 90 destinations. It mainly covers Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Carribean, and Central America. This airline has one primary base at Mexico and two secondary hubs as well. Established in the year 1934, Aeromexico Airlines has come a long way. 

This airline is famous for offering excellent Reservations to facilitate the passengers. It is a customer-oriented airline and thus keep all travelers’ concern in mind to make their journey comfortable and pleasurable. Here, you can enjoy plenty of in-flight amenities which not only makes your journey interesting but memorable as well. Aeromexico Airlines uses all Boeing fleet to ease the journey of the passengers. Let’s get to know the steps of making Aeromexico reservations and some important points which you need to know before making group booking with Aeromexico Airlines. 

Important Points You Need to Know Before Making Aeromexico Group Reservations

Have you ever considered a group travel? If yes, then you must know the fact that this is not just a convenient option but also a safe alternative to independent travel. Below are mentioned some of the points that you must need to know before making Aeromexico group booking. 

  1. Aeromexico Airlines offers group booking facility if you are traveling in a group of 10 or more people including the kids. For group booking with Aeromexico, it is important that all the travelers in group are boarding from the common source and flying to the common destination using the identical fare basis code. 
  2. For making group bookings, you can either visit the official website of the Aeromexico Airlines or contact the local Aeromexico sales office. 
  3. Please note down the fact that Aeromexico Airlines has a dedicated deposit and cancelation policy for group bookings.
  4. Once the Aeromexico group reservations is completed, a deposit is collected based on the negotiated route and fare.

USD 100 for Europe and Asia

USD 50 for South America

USD 50 for USA and Central America

USD 80 for domestic routes

Please note the fact that this deposit is refundable. 

  1. In addition to the deposit, the airline will also charge a penalty if you’ve canceled the flight ticket. This penalty is based on several factors such as the destination where you are flying to and the number of days left before the actual flight departure. 
  2. Those group tickets that are purchased at the discounted fares must have an IT code which is given by the group department. 

How to Make Aeromexico Group Reservations?

Group booking gives travelers the liberty to access plenty of benefits such as advance payment, lowest airfare, desired seats and a lot more. One can easily complete the Aeromexico group booking by using the following guidelines. 

  • Click on the official website of the Aeromexico Airlines and search for the flight options that meet your requirements to the fullest. 
  • Now, make a choice between round-trip and one-way option to proceed further. 
  • In this step, you need to provide source and destination details in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ field. Make sure you’ve entered the correct details. 
  • Here comes the choice of number of passengers. Add them very carefully to reap all the benefits of the group booking. 
  • Enter the departure and return dates and click on the ‘Search’ button to find the available flight options.
  • Choose the cabin class and flight that fits your budget and needs to the fullest and head towards payment to confirm the Aeromexico group reservations.
  • On submitting the payment, you’ll get a message on your email id confirming your flight tickets.

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