What Seating Options are Available While Making United Airlines Seat Reservation?

United Airlines Seat Reservation

What Seating Options are Available While Making United Airlines Seat Reservation?

Posted By: Admin 6 Dec, 2019

Counted amongst the oldest airlines in the world, United Airlines is unarguably the major flag carrier in the world. With its massive network and phenomenal services, this airline has been attracting passengers from the past several decades. If you have an urge to travel your desired destination with ease, then don’t wait for so long and make United Airlines seat reservation right away. Do you know that this airline covers about 375 airports all over the world? This is undoubtedly the significant number and thus, you can easily choose this airline for your next trip without thinking twice.

However, making a flight reservation with United is not enough to enjoy your journey as there are a lot more factors that influence the same. One such factor is the seating option. There is no denying fact that the seating option you’ve chosen on the flight can either make your trip unforgettable or ruin the whole journey. Therefore, it is important to get informed with all the seating options available in the aircraft before making United Airlines flight ticket booking. There are numerous seating options available on the United Airlines flight and you can pick the one that suits your needs and fits your budget as well. Let’s find out some of the seating options here.

Make United Airlines Seat Selection and Get to Know What Seating Options are Available to You

When it comes to United Airlines, there are a variety of seating options available to the passengers. However, these options are divided into categories and are open to only those who fall under that particular category. These categories are – MileagePlus Members, Premier Members, and Non-Members. Let’s get to know about these options in a bit of detail before making United Airlines reservations.

MileagePlus Members

If you’re a MileagePlus member, then you can either purchase the seat in Economy Plus or avail the benefit of premium cabin seating options. Following are the seat options that are available to the MileagePlus Members.

  • Economy Plus
  • MileagePlus Travel Awards
  • MileagePlus Upgrade Awards
  • Premium Cabin Seating Offers
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards

Premier® Members

If you are a Premier® Member, then you can enjoy plenty of perks such as bonus award miles, easy upgrades, discounts and offers and a lot more. MileagePlus Premier Members can either make United Airlines reservations seat selection in the Premium Cabins or avail the benefit of other options which are available to them such as:

  • Economy Plus
  • MileagePlus Travel Awards
  • MileagePlus Upgrade Awards
  • Premium Cabin Seating Offers
  • Regional premier Upgrades
  • Global Premier Upgrades
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards


Not a MileagePlus member? Don’t worry as United Airlines has something for you as well. While making a flight booking with United, you can find two seating options, namely:

  • Economy Plus
  • Premium Cabin Seating Offers

Learn About the Seating Options before Making United Airlines Seat Reservation

Let’s find out the seating options here so that you can choose the one that fits your desires. However, if you find any trouble in the same, then you can directly contact United Airlines seat reservation phone number and get your issues solved before making flight bookings.

Economy Plus

Needless to mention, the extra legroom is mandatory to make your journey comfortable. Book seats in the Economy Plus and stretch out with more space to work and relax. Please note down the fact that the Economy Plus seating option is not available to the passengers who are traveling in the Economy Class.

Premium Cabin Seating Offers

If you really wish to treat yourself with the premium benefits, then make the use of Premium Cabin Seating Offers and enjoy plenty of benefits which includes:

  • Comfortable and Spacious Seats
  • Complimentary alcoholic beverages
  • Free standard checked baggage
  • Priority boarding and security line access

One can make United Airlines seat reservation in the Premium Cabin either at the time of flight booking or at the time check-in or by managing their trip up to a certain time before the flight departure.

MileagePlus Upgrade Awards

If you’re a MileagePlus member then, you can enjoy an added comfort by using your miles and make your travel experience much more pleasurable and luxurious. However, it is important to note that you will have to check the eligibility before using this seating option.

Regional Premier Upgrades

Regional premier upgrades are available to the premier MileagePlus members. It is a one-way upgrade and you can easily make the use of this option on the eligible United Airlines flights while making air ticket booking. As the name implies, these upgrades are eligible for certain regions such as between the continental US and Hawaii. For more information, you can stay connected to the United Airlines seat reservation phone number at any point of time.

Star Alliance Upgrade Awards

To enjoy a comfortable journey, it is not necessary to travel on the United Airlines. If you’re a valued MileagePlus member, then you can easily use upgrade awards on any of the Star Alliance member airlins and enjoy the benefits like comfortable seating, lounge access, priority check-in and much more.

Global Premier Upgrades

Yet another seating option that is only available to the MileagePlus Premier members is Global Premier Upgrades. Like regional premier upgrades, this is also a one-way upgrade; however, it is available on all United, United Express and Copa Airlines. You can also redeem global premier upgrades by calling United Airlines seat reservation phone number.

Terms and Conditions to Consider While Making United Airlines Seat Selection

Below are mentioned certain terms and conditions that are important to remember while making seat reservations with United Airlines.

  • Upgrades are non-refundable and therefore, opt for the same only when you are sure about your plan.
  • These seating options are subject to availability which means that you can select the particular seat or upgrade to the seat only if it is available.

The passengers with the basic economy ticket are not eligible for making any upgrade in the premium cabin. There it is important to keep this thing in mind while making United Airlines seat reservation.

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