What Travel Websites Offer the Cheapest Flights?

Travel Website Cheapest Flights

What Travel Websites Offer the Cheapest Flights?

Posted By: Admin 5 Sep, 2019

Have you ever spent hours searching for the cheapest flight while going somewhere? If so, you must be already aware of the hassles of finding a flight at a reasonable price.

Searching for a flight can indeed be quite overwhelming. You need to keep in mind several factors like date, price, times, fare class, airline, and more. Even if you are sure of your destination and time of your travel, are you sure of the places to look for getting the best price?.

But sadly, no website will continuously show the same cheap prices. Most of the popular OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are usually in the same vague position when it comes to deciding the fare, but not all offer the same benefits or search functionality.

Some of the websites that offer the cheapest flights are mentioned below-


Expedia is another tried-and-tested travel agency that is trusted by millions of people who have been using the platform since the 1990s. At one time, Expedia was the official website for searching and booking flights. When the price goes upwards, don’t think that you are getting a deal booking through Expedia, but you won’t be paying more than you might be on the airline’s website. You can also contact Expedia Reservations if you need any kind of help.

Expedia also offers a rewards program through which travelers can gain more benefits while booking hotels.


Priceline is another popular travel agency that introduced the concept of Name Your Own Price tool and opaque bookings. One can avail huge discount booking on these sites but many things remain hidden till the time of booking. The Name Your Own Price tool was abandoned in 2016 and since then it operates like any other OTA’s.

While trying for a few different flights, it was known that all were the same price across the board on other OTAs and the airline’s own website. Keep in mind, this isn’t always the case, but generally, the price you get on Priceline will be in the ballpark of the flight cost on other websites. You can also contact Priceline Reservations if you need any kind of help.


Orbitz is another trustworthy travel agency that has been operating since 2001. One thing that makes this site a little different is that they have their own rewards program called Orbitz Rewards through which members can earn Orbucks at the time of booking flights, hotels and vacation packages through Orbitz. However, you can only redeem Orbucks for hotels. Moreover, if you are stuck at any point while booking through Orbitz, you can take immediate assistance from Orbitz Reservations.


Agoda is another OTA owned by Priceline. This travel forum provides a simple search with limited filter options while one is looking for a flight. This travel site is mainly for those who are looking for various kinds of accommodations like an apartment or private villa etc. It does not have much to offer for those who are searching for cheap flights. However, the site of Agoda is multilingual. You can select your language by clicking on the flag in the top menu bar. You can also contact Agoda Reservationsif you need any kind of help.

Therefore, whenever you are looking for any travel website which will provide you the cheapest flights, do scroll through the above-given sites to fix the best deal in flights!.

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