When is the Best Time to Book Flight Tickets on Travel Portals?

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When is the Best Time to Book Flight Tickets on Travel Portals?

Posted By: Admin 25 Jul, 2019

People who love to explore new destinations are amongst those who travel a lot. Travelling is a passion and it requires both time and money. Money plays a major role when you are on the move and you look for several ways to save money on your travel. One major method which can help you to save money on travel is to cut down on your flight expenses.

People who travel frequently do not wait for any festive season discounts or for the time when most of the major airlines comes up with special offers. There is no such special time to get flight tickets at a cheaper price. You can book your flight tickets at any time of the year. You just need to remember a few simple tricks while you are searching to book your flights.

Here are some tricks you can follow to get the best deal on flights.

Best time to Buy: It is said that Tuesday afternoons are a good time to make your bookings. The reason is that several U.S. airlines begin their sales on late Monday or early Tuesday and when the new prices appear on their websites, it prompts the competing airlines to match these prices and the process goes on till Tuesday afternoon. That is the time when customers get the greatest number of deals to choose from.

Be sure to compare prices: Another tactic while buying an air ticket is to compare the prices even if you get a good deal on a particular travel portal. It is always advisable to compare airfares as no airline always will offer you the best deal on every route or every single day. Therefore, you will result in paying more if you don’t compare the prices.

Cheapest Days to Fly: Another way to save more on flights is by knowing the cheapest days to fly. If you are unable to book your flight tickets on cheap days for both ways travel, do it only for one-way travel and still, you can make some savings. In the U.S., Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are usually the cheapest days to fly. For international travel, weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends.

Compare nonstop flights with connecting flights: If you choose your flight that has a stop in between your route, especially on longer flights, it can cost you less money. It is worth a try.

Fly from bigger airports: Flying from bigger airports can be cheaper and big hub-type airports can be the cheapest of all. You need to compare prices from the nearest big airport with the airports in your hometown and see the difference in prices.

Avoid peak season travel: You should always avoid peak season for travel. If you plan to travel in fall or winter or spring, you can frequently find much better deals.

If you are looking for a good deal on flights, you need to keep an eye on popular travel portals like Expedia and Orbitz. If you have any queries, you can contact Expedia Reservations or Orbitz Reservations and acquire all the information that you need.

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