Why is Allegiant Air so much Cheaper than any Other Flights?

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Why is Allegiant Air so much Cheaper than any Other Flights?

Posted By: Admin 1 Aug, 2019

Allegiant Air is a low-cost carrier with its base in Las Vegas and makes air travel both comfortable and convenient.It is also known to be one of the airlines of the country that is making the maximum profit. The airline is also known for its world-class Reservations and provides various deals on flights throughout the year. If you face any trouble or require any assistance, their knowledgeable customer experts are always there to solve your issues in no time.

It makes its customers happy by providing them finger licking snacks and refreshing beverages onboard. Allegiant Air takes care of every passenger who are travelling with them.

About Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air laid its foundation 22 years ago on January 1997 by Mitch Allee, the owner, and CEO of the company and Jim Patterson (president) and Dave Beadle (chief pilot). They started operating under the name WestJet Express and later, in June 1998, began flying to 121 destinations. The airline is headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada, which is in the rural part of Las Vegas. The company operates with a current fleet size of 90 with Allegiant Travel Co as its parent company. This airline flies with a motto “Together We Fly” and connects you to various part of the world.

Is Allegiant Air cheap to travel?

These airlines, offer very cheap fares and then make their money with the amount of fees they receive from everything starting from their allocation of seats to distribution of snacks and drinks and almost everything.

If you haven’t heard of Allegiant Air or have flown on it, you should know that you can get the cheapest tickets if you are residents of Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. These places are not given much importance and neglected by several popular airlines. However, the situation is different in regional airports where these airlines get recognition.

One cannot deny that Allegiant Air provides some of the cheapest fares but is also the company with least pomp and show and is the oldest fleet in the business. Currently, nearly 30 percent of its planes have become outdated and convertible. The reason behind its low cost is that most of them are bought second-hand from foreign airlines. You can also get various reviews from passengers who have travelled o Allegiant Air.

There is another reason and an interesting logic behind this fee. Airlines have to pay a minimum of 7.5% federal excise tax on the cost of the ticket. But they never pay the tax on fees that they are supposed to pay. So, in this way, they get to save about 7.5% on about $19, which basically allows them to keep an extra $1.40 on every ticket. This is also one of the reasons that they can charge so low-cost fares from passengers.

If you ever travel by Allegiant Air, you can get the tickets at a low cost by searching over several travel portals. You can also make Allegiant Air reservations by calling on their reservation number. You can also visit their website for more information.

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